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World Water Day

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Recently we celebrated World Water Day. This is an annual United Nations observance day established in 1993 and designed to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global water and sanitation crisis 💦
At SOS Drainage we work with water everyday, and we are very aware of how lucky we are to have access to an adequate water supply, free from diseases caused by poor sanitation and hygiene. Many around the world are not so lucky.
We’ve taken steps to reduce our water consumption as a company. One was to invest in remote controls to operate our water jetting equipment from distance. This prevents our engineers from having to walk back and forth from the van to operate the machinery, lowering our daily water consumption in turn.
If we all do small things to lower our daily consumption of water, such as turning the tap off when brushing our teeth or having a shower rather than a bath, we can move towards a world where everyone has access to clean water.
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