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Unblocking Drains

SOS Drainage provide a range of solutions to tackle all types of blocked drain clearing. Whether you have an outdoor gully that is overflowing or an inspection chamber which is blocked, our local engineers have the equipment and know-how to respond to it fast and effectively to any emergency drain unblocking. A blocked drain can not only cause bad smells and unwanted hassle, but it can also have a knock-on effect causing other appliances to block such as sinks and toilets. SOS Drainage are equipped with the latest drains unblocking equipment to unblock a drain on the first visit. Our affordable rates cannot be matched by our competitors, so get in touch to receive our gold standard service at a fraction of the price with a drain unblocker near me.

Unblocking Toilet

SOS Drainage provide toilet unblocking service to all of its customers. Blocked toilets can be unpleasant and cause unwanted hassle. We commit to toilet unblocking the very same day, meaning you can get on with things with minimal disruption. Get in touch with us to have your toilet unblocked at a fraction of the price of national companies with a toilet unblocker near me.


CCTV Drain Survey

A CCTV Drain Survey is the best way to determine whether your property’s drains are in good health. Our state of the art camera equipment allows us to explore any drainage systems by providing live footage of the drain network itself. With this we can identify a drains blockage and damaged pipes, as well as offer drain mapping services to those planning on relocating or extending their existing property.

CCTV Survey Packages

Drain Clearance – Identifying the source of a drain blockage can be troublesome if you can’t physically see what is causing it. A CCTV drain survey will allow us to identify exactly what is causing a drain blockage and remove the object with minimal risk to the health of your drainage systems.

CCTV Survey

Drain Mapping – This is the process of mapping the entire drainage network of a property. We can determine exactly where your drainage pipes are going and identify the location and depth of local sewage systems. This service is recommended for those that are looking to extend or expand their property.

Pre-Purchase Survey – Are you in the process of buying a new property and would like to know whether the drains on site are in good working condition? With our pre-purchase survey option our highly-trained engineers will survey the drains on-site, and provide a detailed report if a section of the network is in poor condition and in need of repair.

Pest Control – Pests and vermin can break through drain pipes and sewage lines looking for food and shelter. If you have any signs of pest infestation we can survey your drains to find out exactly where they are getting in to your property, and suggest the best way to stop them from returning. We work with a number of local pest control services that recommend this to all of their clients, even if it’s just for piece of mind ensure the best control of pests!

Post-Build Survey – We work with a number of local architects and property developers once a building project is complete to cctv drain survey the network they have installed. This is common practice and provides piece of mind that the network has been fitted correctly and will last the test of time.

SOS Drainage will provide you with a CCTV drain survey and written invoice with a thorough breakdown of your drains health (personal footage available upon request). If your drainage system is in poor condition, SOS Drainage will also be able to quote for any necessary repair work. All of our CCTV drain surveys are highly recommended and half the price of what national companies charge.

Drain Mapping

Drain Mapping

The process of mapping a property's complete drainage network involves accurately tracing the path of drainage pipes and locating local sewage systems to determine their precise positions and depths. This service is highly recommended for individuals seeking to enlarge or extend their property.

Drain Cleaning

Due to the frequency in which household and commercial drains are used, they often build up with soil and sediment over time. This is not the end of the world but it does increase the likelihood of a drain blockage later down the line. It also creates other problems such as bad smells, and waste not flowing away as quickly as it should.

How to clean drains? With our high pressure water jetting equipment, we can clean and remove any sediment build-up that may be preventing your blocked drains from working efficiently. Our vans are equipped with state of the art high-pressure water jetting machines that are capable of cleaning blocked drains up to 15 inches in diameter.

This service is recommended for all new home-owners, as well as those that have recently moved into new commercial properties. If a property has been left uninhabited for a length of time, the more chance there is that the drains will block once they are actively being used again. Why wait until a drain becomes blocked and pay emergency call-out charges when you can have your drain cleaning at a fraction of the cost. If you want all of the above at a reasonable price then SOS Drainage is the one to call, we operate 24-hours a day, cleaning drains and unblocking drains across West Yorkshire at half the price of national companies.

Drain Cleaning
Commercial Damage

Commercial Drainage

We understand that for a company, time equals money. That’s why SOS Drainage offer a variety of packages to our commercial clients, from 24-hour emergency drain unblocking, to regular drain cleaning packages to prevent the inevitable happening.

A drain blockage is often preventable if the necessary measures are taken. We provide a number of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) packages to schools and leisure centres in the local area. With our PPM packages, we use professional drain cleaning tools to clean the drains on a regular basis, as well as performing a frequent CCTV drain survey to ensure the pipes are in good working order.

We offer these services to:

  • Schools/Colleges/Academies
  • Gyms and Leisure Centres
  • Factory and Warehouse Units
  • Office Buildings
  • Churches and Religious Buildings
  • Car Wash and Car Park Facilities

We know just how costly it can be when a company has to shut down its entire operation due to a drainage disaster. Don’t leave it to chance, get in touch to discuss how we can help keep your business firing on all cylinders.

Pest Infestation

Pest Control

If you have spotted signs of a pest problem on your property, our team of experienced pest controllers are available to provide swift solutions to pest control. We are dedicated to providing fast and effective pest control services in the West Yorkshire area. So if you have unwelcome guests in your home or business, we can be there quickly to eliminate them, no matter how serious the pest control infestation is.