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  • Unblocking Drains
  • Commercial Drainage
  • CCTV Drain Survey
  • Outdoor Drain Unblocker
  • Cleaning Drains
  • Drain Mapping
  • Pest Control
  • Unblocking Toilet

SOS Drainage & Plumbing Ltd provides an unbeatable drainage service to residential and commercial customers across West Yorkshire. Whether it’s unblocking drains, an unpleasant smell, an unblocking toilet or any emergency drain unblocking, we are available 24/7 to respond to any drainage issues you might be facing.

National drainage firms will charge you hidden franchise fees and call-out charges for your drains unblocking. Why pay the national price when you can pay the local price? Get in touch with a drain unblocker near me to speak to our friendly father & son team.

20 Year family experience

20 Years family experience

Emergency 24/7 Response

Emergency 24/7 Response

Fair Pricing No Franchise

Fair Pricing No Franchise

West Yorkshire Covered

West Yorkshire Covered

Covering Areas

We specialise in the West Yorkshire area covering Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and surrounding areas. You’re go-to professionals for top-notch drainage and plumbing services across West Yorkshire. Reach out to us at 07950 082131 for a no-cost estimate.


Comprehensive Plumbing and Drainage Solutions

We aim to be your trusted partner for all drainage needs in West Yorkshire. Renowned for our exceptional service, quality, and reliability, we cater to a diverse range of clients, from residential to commercial and industrial sectors. Our team is equipped to handle everything from unblocking a toilet to conducting extensive drain surveys. We’re known for our rapid, efficient service in tackling blocked sinks, toilets, and drains. Our experienced team is always ready to assist with any queries related to unblocking drains, cleaning drains, drain surveys.


A short brief to some of what we do

Camera Inspections

Camera Inspections and Drain Surveys

Utilising state-of-the-art technology, our skilled technicians conduct comprehensive CCTV drain surveys and camera inspections to diagnose and resolve issues with drains, pipes, and sewers.


Unblocking Drains

Our expertise in unblocking drains is unmatched, whether it’s a simple sink trap issue or a complex root intrusion in your drainage system.

Drain Repairs

Drain Repairs

We specialize in non-invasive drain repair methods, efficiently fixing most types of pipe damage without the need for extensive digging.

Drain Maintenance

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

At SOS Drainage and Plumbing, we’re committed to maintaining the health of your drainage systems. Our services include thorough drain cleaning, ensuring your drains stay free from blockages and run smoothly.

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