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Waste Pipe Connection

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Incorrect waste pipe connection
We respond to a lot of jobs where a blockage has been caused by a waste pipe connection that has been incorrectly installed into the soil-stack.
As is evident from the footage taken, the soil-stack generally runs up the side of the building vertically. 40mm waste pipes are connected laterally into the main pipe to take waste water from sinks, showers & other domestic appliances.
These waste pipes are not always cut to size meaning they overhang within the soil-pipe itself. This creates an obstruction especially when the toilet joins in from above. A small amount of toilet roll or a few sanitary products snagging on this pipe will subsequently cause the entire soil-stack to block.
Nevertheless SOS Drainage is on hand to solve any issues caused by shoddy workmanship. Our engineers can diagnose and identify the cause of a blocked soil-pipe, and carry out any repairs needed to get it flowing as it should. With over 20 years experience in the drainage industry, at this point there are very few problems we can’t solve. 
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Waste Pipe Connection