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Tree Roots

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Today we are talking about Tree Roots and how much damage they can cause to your drains if they spread.
Tree roots will spread almost anywhere in search for water. An active drain is the perfect place for roots to nestle in to supply water to the tree itself.
Shallow underground pipework that runs in the vicinity of a nearby tree or bush is most at risk. Roots cannot physically crack a pipe and force their way in. However, if a pipe is already in disrepair and has cracks along it, the roots will exploit this defect and force their way in to the pipe’s interior.
Once inside, the roots will grow larger creating a nest-like structure which will inevitably cause a blockage at some stage.
If you suspect you might have tree roots in your drains, the best course of action is to set up a planned and preventative drainage maintenance (PPM) programme with us. This includes keeping the pipes clean through regular water jetting visits, and CCTV drain surveys to identify pipes most at risk of tree root ingress.
Our ‘CCTV Drain Survey’ section explains how we can identify and remove roots from your drainage..
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Tree Roots