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Toilet Fresheners

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Another example of why you shouldn’t use clip-on toilet fresheners. Our first question when we are called to a toilet blockage is whether a clip-on toilet freshener has been used? This client reported a drain blockage in their 4-inch waste pipe as a result of losing an air freshener down their toilet.
After carrying out a CCTV investigation we found that the toilet freshener had washed down the toilet bowl and lodged itself in the waste pipe underground.
Our engineers went about carefully removing the lodged toilet freshener from the pipe, ensuring not to wash it further down the drain. Next, we gave the drain a thorough clean using our high-pressure jetting equipment. We then tested the flow by flushing the toilet several times to make sure no further issues were identified.
If you want to keep your toilet clean and fresh, we suggest using dissolvable toilet discs as opposed to fresheners. Toilet discs can be purchased in most supermarkets and pose a much lower risk of causing blockages.
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Toilet Freshener