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Soil Vent Pipes

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What are Soil Vent Pipes?
Soil-pipes, Soil-stacks, Soil-vent pipes (SVP). You’ll hear them being talked about a lot if you have a drainage issue. But what are they and what is their purpose?
A soil-pipe is installed to take waste water from toilets, sinks, showers & baths to the underground drainage network below. The pipe runs vertically from the drainage system below ground, to the top of a property.
The pipe itself has an air-valve at the top to allow odours from the waste water to be released into the atmosphere, rather than into the property itself.
Soil pipe blockages have become more common with the increasing use of wet wipes and other sanitary products. In older properties, soil vent pipes were often made from cast iron as opposed to plastic. Cast iron rusts over time, making internal pipe walls rough and more likely to snag materials such as wipes, sanitary products and toilet paper.
Give SOS Drainage a call if you suspect you might have a blocked soil-pipe, equally if you’d like to have yours professionally cleaned.
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