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Soil Pipe Blockage

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Our engineers were called out to a soil pipe blockage at a domestic property in Brighouse this week. The way to tell if you have a blocked soil pipe is if you experience slow draining water from your sinks and toilet.
Usually there would be a nearby inspection chamber that they could jet down from but there wasn’t on this occasion. Instead they had to cut directly into the stack to clear the blockage.
Our team often come across properties that do not have a nearby inspection chamber on-site. This is often the case with terraced houses. Ideally, there would always be an inspection chamber on-site as this provides a direct access point to the drainage network underground. The only option on this occasion was to drill a hole directly into the SVP and clear the blockage from above ground. 
Kevin & Tom were able to unblock the drain in under an hour, leaving yet another customer extremely satisfied. If you do experience a soil pipe blockage, rest assured that SOS Drainage has the equipment and expertise to deal with it at an affordable price.
Our Help & Advice section will give you a better understanding of the role Soil Pipes play in your drainage network..
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