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Sewage Dumping

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Water companies have come under criticism over the past 12 months for sewage dumping. This is the alarming number of times raw sewage has been pumped into our rivers and seas.
Sewage dumping is permitted by the water authorities during heavy rainfall to ease the pressures on local sewage works. However, it was found that in 2022 raw sewage was pumped into our rivers and seas 825 times per day on average across England.
Yorkshire-based sewage plants were one of the main culprits, ranking 4th highest for overflow spills in England last year.
SOS Drainage fully supports the government’s plans to issue ‘unlimited penalties’ to those treatment works found to be sewage dumping. More needs to be done to tackle this issue, specifically building more infrastructure to cope with our country’s waste water.
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As a company that works in the drainage industry, we subsequently have a responsibility to highlight these overflow breaches. We are currently in the process of joining the National Association of Drainage Contractors, thus contributing to a shared voice for drainage contractors. Check out our ‘About Us’ section to find information on our company ethos and business ethics..
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