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Pre-Purchase Survey

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Are you in the process of buying a new home? A pre-purchase survey of your drains is an essential measure to prevent costly repairs later down the line.
Most new homeowners only realize that they have structural defects with their domestic drainage once the purchase has gone through. With a pre-purchase drain survey, our engineers will carry out a full inspection of the drains on-site using the latest CCTV drainage equipment. Our technology can identify issues that you really should be made aware of, such as minor cracks, collapsed pipework and pest infestation.  A pre-purchase survey allows you to make a sensible decision on your future home will all the information to hand.
Homebuyer surveys only carry out minimal inspection of the drains on a domestic property, if any at all. Our drainage specialists on the other hand can provide you with live footage of an entire network, and explain in real terms any potential problems before they appear. This gives the buyer the opportunity to negotiate with the seller over the asking price or even pull out of the purchase if necessary.
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Pre Purchase Survey