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Interceptor Trap

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A few images from a job we attended this week. Our client informed us that his exterior wastewater gully had blocked with sewage and was no longer running. We soon traced the source of the blockage to an inspection chamber in the neighbour’s garden which was fitted with a drainage interceptor trap.
These interceptors were commonly installed on traditional Victorian properties, particularly to prevent foul smells and rodents from entering the property. Nowadays they are rarely used as they are prone to causing the occasional blockage. A drainage interceptor trap will always be fitted with a rodding eye to allow access to the main drain itself. This rodding eye must be capped or sealed otherwise the trap is effectively pointless, because the open pipe will allow odours and rats through.
We were able to clear the initial blockage originating from the interceptor trap and jet between 3 adjacent inspection chambers to get them running freely also. The customer was left very satisfied with both the service and the price.
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Interceptor TrapInterceptor TrapInterceptor Trap