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Health & Safety

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Recently we celebrated Health & Safety at work day. Working in a manual industry puts our engineers at increased risk of occupational hazards and injuries. SOS Drainage puts the health & safety of our employees and customers at the forefront of our operation.
A recent example of how we have invested in our employee’s safety is by equipping our engineers with magnetic lifting equipment to remove manhole covers.
Rather than using traditional lifting keys to remove manhole covers, which are often extremely heavy and can cause injury, these magnets can be placed on top of the cover, and using the accompanying steel trolley can be leveraged out.
This piece of equipment allows our engineers to lift and remove manhole covers up to 150kg, avoiding risk and injury.
We equip our engineers with the appropriate PPE to protect them against the various dangers associated with this line of work. The dangers of working in the drainage industry include poisonous gas, fumes or vapour; additionally working in extremely hot conditions.
We constantly strive to improve our Health & Safety procedures in the workplace, and subsequently minimize dangerous situations. This includes investing in the correct equipment, and equally ensuring that our staff are fully trained in risk-avoidance.
Read our ‘Manhole Safety’ post to find out more about how you can employ safe drainage practices at home.
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