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FOG Drain Blockage

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A FOG Drain Blockage is an abbreviation for Fats, Oils and Grease. These substances are commonly used in food preparation and cooking. Rather than disposing of them in the bin, many people wash them down their kitchen sinks without hesitation.
Fats, oils and grease can become a nightmare once they enter your drainage network. Grease sticks to pipe walls, which can eventually lead to blockages while fats and oils damage waste water treatment equipment.
The inspection chamber pictured took the wastewater from a sink and dishwasher found in a local fish & chip shop. As you can see, the result of washing these type of substances down your sink regularly is an overwhelming drain blockage. We spent 2 hours clearing this particular blockage using a combination of handheld tools and high pressure water jetting equipment.
Once these substances are washed down a drain they solidify in your pipes, eventually blocking up neighboring manholes.
To prevent a FOG drain blockage in your pipework, wipe down pots and pans with a kitchen towel before washing them in the sink. Commercial properties that use excessive amounts of these ingredients should consider installing a grease trap to prevent a build-up.
Follow the link below to find out more about grease traps and where you can purchase one..
The ‘Drain Cleaning’ section of our website also explains how we can assist if you experience a FOG drain blockage in you pipework..
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