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Drain Mapping

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This week we completed an extensive drain mapping and CCTV survey at a client of ours in Leeds.

Our drain mapping services precisely locate the position of nearby inspection chambers, and track the direction of water flow. We can also accurately provide the exact depth of a section of pipe in question.

This option is perfect if you are in the process of purchasing a new property. They can provide piece of mind knowing that the drains are in good working order. Alternatively, if you’re looking to renovate or expand your existing property, we provide site surveys to cater for all needs.

SOS Drainage provides 2 drain mapping packages depending on your requirements:

  1. Look-See Drain Mapping: We will carry out a full CCTV survey of the site, identifying the position of any inspection chambers and note the direction of water flow. If we notice any structural defects in the underground pipework we will highlight this on a written invoice once work is complete.
  2. Drain Network Mapping: With this option, you will be provided with an extensive report and virtual map of the drainage network on-site. On top of the features stated in our standard Look-See package, we will also provide you with the recorded CCTV footage for your reference. This option is highly recommended for those looking at extending their property.

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A drain survey is always good practice. Get in touch to discuss our options.