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CCTV Drainage Survey

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Today we are talking about a CCTV Drainage Survey.
With over 90% of domestic and commercial drains installed underground, it is hard to spot potential issues. If something goes wrong with your drainage, it is almost impossible to diagnose the problem without the correct equipment. 
With a CCTV Drainage Survey, our engineers can diagnose any problem by using the latest CCTV equipment to inspect the entire drainage route from inside the pipe. Live footage is relayed on a monitor to our team who can then highlight potential issues such as blocked drains, pipe fractures, and pest infestation. 
CCTV inspection technology is extremely advanced and saves our customers both time and money. The high resolution camera allows our trained engineers to identify the exact location and cause of a blockage. We can also identify exactly where a section of pipe is in disrepair. So rather than excavating an entire length of pipe underground, we can isolate the exact location of the repair and tell you what condition it is in.
Once complete, we can provide you with full video footage of the survey, and advise on the best course of action in terms of remedial work.
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CCTV Drainage Survey