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Blocked Drains In Wakefield

If you have a blocked drain in Wakefield and you are in urgent need of your drain unblocking the same day then contact SOS Drainage on 07950 082131 today! SOS Drainage are a family run Halifax-based drainage company. We provide emergency drain clearance in Wakefield to all residential and commercial properties. We also guarantee rapid emergency response times which is vital when your drains become blocked and are in need of drain clearance the same day. This means that we can attend to your blocked drain in Wakefield immediately!

What type of blocked drain in Wakefield do I have?

Blocked toilet in Wakefield: The easiest way to tell if you have a blocked drain is if your toilet is overflowing or struggling to empty when you flush it. A blocked toilet in Wakefield may be the result of an object getting stuck in the U-bend of the toilet itself or a blockage situated further down your drainage system.

Blocked gully in Wakefield: Domestic gully drains are the exterior drains found around the perimeter of your property. They are designed to take rainwater, kitchen waste, and bath waste away from the property itself. A blocked gully in Wakefield is commonly caused by a build up of fat, grease and soap suds washed out from the sinks and plugholes in your house.

Blocked manhole in Wakefield: Manhole drains (also known as inspection chambers) act as collection points for two or more drain pipes coming from different directions. They also provide direct access to the drain pipes for maintenance purposes. You can instantly tell if you have a blocked manhole in Wakefield because all of the working drains in and around your property very quickly become blocked and do not drain properly.

Blocked storm gully in Wakefield: Storm gully drains are essentially domestic gully’s but on a larger scale. You would normally find them situated in car parks and around other commercial properties to prevent flooding during heavy downpours of rain. The main cause for a blocked storm gully in Wakefield is the amount of soil and sediment that gets washed down the gully after a downpour of rain.

If you experience any kind of blocked drain in Wakefield rest assured that SOS Wakefield Drainage will provide you with the correct solution required to unblock your drains quickly and effectively throughout the year.

With over 20 years experience clearing blocked drains in Wakefield, our father & son team have dealt with pretty much every kind of drain blockage there is. We understand that a blocked drain in Wakefield will come as a surprise, and that few people have cash set aside for such an eventuality. That’s why we provide an honest and fixed price over the phone for any drainage work to be carried out in Wakefield, with no hidden franchise fees.

20 Year family experience

20 Years family experience

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Emergency 24/7 Response

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